Simpsons Farm Dairies

An inviting new website for a century old family business

Responsive website design for Simpsons Farm Dairies

Milk and more

Simpsons Farm Dairies needed a new website which showcased their unique family history, experience and expertise producing dairy products.

Website design + development Photography Copywriting
Simpsons Farm Dairies glass milk bottles

Bold imagery

I took striking images for use on the website, going behind the scenes at the dairy and taking photos which showcase their products in the best possible light.

Mobile-first website design for Simpsons Farm Dairies

Consistent design

Following atomic design principles, the website uses consistent typographic and button styles to ensure ease-of-use and clarity for the user. Colours and typefaces were carefully chosen to maximise legibility, and to create a recognisable brand image.

Atomic design system for Simpsons Farm Dairies website
Responsive website design for Simpsons Farm Dairies

Return on investment

Within less than a week, the site had generated enough custom to cover their initial investment in a new website. Clear proof that a striking new website can work wonders for you and your business.

Simpsons Farm Dairies glass milk bottles

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