Bob on Paintings

An expressive logo and online presence for a talented artist

Logo design for watercolour artist, Bob on Paintings (Bob Sutcliffe)

Full of personality

Taking inspiration from Bob’s handwriting, I designed a logo which feels personal, artistic and expressive. The new logo injects personality wherever it is used, and works as a subtle brand mark and quality stamp.

Branding and identity Logo design Website design + development
Website design and development for talented artist, Bob on Paintings (Bob Sutcliffe)

A unique online presence

Bob now has the ability to manage every aspect of his website using an easy-to-use interface, alongside being able to manage all of his orders, and respond to his customers. The mobile-first website features an online store, a gallery and plenty of useful info, whilst keeping Bob’s paintings firmly in the spotlight.

Amazing artwork and logo design for watercolour artist, Bob on Paintings (Bob Sutcliffe)

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