Top tips for choosing who to build your website

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So you need a new website? Where do you start with the daunting task of choosing who to build it? With so many options out there, all varying in quality, value, experience and cost, it can be tough!

Follow my top tips, and questions to ask below to help you suss out the good from the bad.

Will the website look beautiful AND perform?

It’s no good having a beautiful website which doesn’t achieve your desired goals. Make sure the website will have form and function built right in. Are user experience best practices incorporated?

Can you maintain and update it yourself?

Is the site designed with DIY in mind? You’ll want to be able to update your website, long after the initial build. Is it easy to maintain and update on your own?

Will the website work on mobile on tablets?

With mobile traffic now accounting for more than half of all website traffic, it’s never been more important to ensure your website is optimised for mobile devices. Will the content look great on every device, every time?

Does the website have built-in SEO?

A strong SEO strategy is important to help you rank on Google for relevant search terms. Can the key elements of SEO (page titles, descriptions, URLs etc) be easily managed?

What do you do if you’re struggling further down the line?

Is training and support included? How easy is it to get in touch with someone who can help?

Does the website have room to grow?

Will the website scale with your business? You’ll want to be confident that the website is robust and flexible to scale with you and your business.

Does the estimate seem too good to be true?

Chances are, it probably is. Things are rarely as cheap as they first appear. Once you add in potential costs for hosting, domains, themes, apps, plugins, and removing ads, does it still look “cheap”?

Do you trust the person or company?

You should feel confident that the person or company can build you an amazing website. Take a look at their previous work, find testimonials and reviews from previous clients.


Hopefully that helps you to choose the right person or business to build your new website. Remember, a creative professional will elevate a website from good to great by providing you with the type of strategic and design thinking that only comes from experience. If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to help.

If you’re looking for a new website, I’d love to discuss your goals. Let’s talk!

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